Lee DixonI am a Personal Development Coach, Professional Writer and occasional Public Speaker who guides people to positive change through sharing simple ideas that cut through the complexity of their current thinking, and open up new possibilities for enjoyment, happiness, contribution and growth in their lives.

I’ve been doing this since 2004, mainly offline, but now enjoy exploring ways to do this in today’s rich online environment.

I love what I do. Loving and helping others just feels right to me. And the importance of people I consider mentors in my own life has been and continues to be a blessing.

Researcher & Writer

However, I’m passionate about many other things too and am an avid devourer of new information! I love exploring topics, new and old, finding the best information and resources to solve what I want, and sharing it online with people just like you.

I own and run several websites and strive hard as a Professional Researcher and Writer to make them great and give you and my other visitors some interesting, useful and practical things to help you in some way.

So have a good look around this site today, and discover a new thing or two! :)

And if you’d like to get in touch please feel free to contact me.

Lee x