Filling the airwaves with some music to meditate to can make your meditation even more enjoyable, and also help to silence any “inner noise”.

Music To Meditate To - Christopher Lloyd ClarkeHowever, when choosing music to meditate to bear in mind that it’s not all ‘created equal’. The best and most effective meditation music contains certain rhythms and tempos, certain instruments and sometimes “binaural” elements.

Choosing well-crafted music, like you’re going to find here, can also guide you calmly into a very peaceful state that will help deepen your state and meditate much more easily. That’s why I’m recommending professionally crafted music to meditate to written and recorded by one of today’s leading experts in the field, Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke. So rest assured, this really is the very best!

Music To Meditate To

Music To Meditate To


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where you can also listen to previews of all titles.

Music To Meditate To Recomendation

Mindfulness Bell, Volume 1

Music To Meditate To - Mindfulness Bells

This isn’t music as such, but it’s wonderful for meditation and you really should try it out!
It features the pure sound of a Tibetan Singing Bowl, or meditation bell, to clear your mind
and guide you into a deep state of meditation. I have it and I love it!!

You can listen to a preview at the Guided-Meditation-Site
Just go here then click on ‘Mindfulness Bells’ on the
left-hand menu.

Music To Meditate To - The Meditation ProgramYou could also check out this great little Meditation Program

It was created using special techniques that encourage your mind to relax, and each CD of the 8 CD program helps guide you into deeper and deeper states of meditation. Not all of the 8 CDs contain music to meditate to, but some of them do. Again, I have it and I love it – especially when I’m struggling to stop my mind racing between thoughts! You can find out more here if you wish.

These are my personal music to meditate to recommendations, so I hope you enjoy whichever you choose.

Keep Meditating!

Lee Dixon