As you are looking for how to meditate deeply, I feel a few paragraphs might help you more than a few succinct bullet points instructions – a kind of “inner dialogue” script. However, I’ll keep it as brief as I can but long enough as is helpful. And I’ll assume you know how to meditate properly.

How To Meditate Deeply

How To Meditate DeeplyFirstly, cultivate the desire to experience a joyful meditation. Sit or lie peacefully, relaxing your jaw, tongue and face muscles. If your eyes are open you can just notice that you are seeing without consciously looking, and so not noticing what you might otherwise usually notice.

If it helps, you can focus on your breathing: slow in… slow out… counting each breath all the way to 50… just to give yourself a focus away from your busy thinking.

Ignore any sounds from outside the room; they can just relax you further. They serve to remind you of how your thoughts are jumping wildly all day long, but now that you’re in meditation you can just choose to let them come and go as they will, gradually pushing them farther from you conscious attention as that sea of wild thinking becomes calm… your thoughts just lapping on the shores of your mind as your awareness becomes calm and your true self emerges from the noise into the peace.

You don’t have to wonder how to meditate deeply anymore… as your mind quietens gradually over your meditations you can look forward to connecting again with the universal consciousness from which you originally came. Your noisy thinking, problems, cares and worries do not belong there, so it can feel strange at first but you quickly adapt to enjoy this place and enjoy immersing yourself here; a place where you can be none more welcome. And when you arrive back from this wonderful place you can bring a piece back with you; it lives inside as long as you remember it. And you realize that your noisy thinking, problems, cares and worries do not belong anywhere at all; they are just a malady of a lost mind that forgot for a while its true nature. But each time you meditate deeply, and you know  now, you connect with your true nature and remind yourself “This body isn’t “me”… my true self is a tiny piece of the beautiful potential of the universe: one connected, living, flowing existence from which all life springs and through which all life is connected.

A Journey Of Discovery…

How To Meditate Deeply - Your Turn!Aside from serene calmness and relaxation, part of seeking and experiencing deeper levels of meditation is to increase ones perception and to realize, discover and explore things about life that you would otherwise not have had the opportunity to if you hadn’t taken the time to meditate.

It’s not common to think these kinds of thoughts; ordinarily people don’t think about these things, so just meditating alone with no further action already sets you aside as an extraordinary individual.

Hopefully this gives you at least the beginning of an insight about how to meditate deeply.

How To Meditate Deeply – Extra Tips!

  • How To Meditate Deeply - The Meditation ProgramCreate a peaceful environment that inspires you to meditate (consider relaxing music, candles, a warm blanket, etc).
  • The Meditation ProgramStill wondering how to meditate deeply? These amazing little audios really helped me not only get started meditating and making it a daily practice, but also with deepening my experiences over time. They’re not cheap but I do highly recommend them.
  • An exercise program that includes strengthening your back will help you to develop a strong spine to achieve good posture without discomfort whilst meditating.